The Right Candidates for the Right Opportunties

Finding elite entry-level, college graduate talent has never been harder or more impersonal. But College2Jobs exists not only to simplify and streamline the process but to do it in a personalized way. 

We believe that companies hire people, not profiles. And we want to work with companies that share that belief. 

Companies active on the College2Jobs platform are: 

  • Vetted by hand by College2Jobs staff to ensure legitimacy and culture before being accepted
  • Actively hiring entry-level college graduates
  • Committed to the career growth of their employees
  • Equal Employment Opportunity compliant 


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Anticipated engagement level?

3 Ways to Engage with College2Jobs


Suited for smaller organizations with a few entry-level openings per year. Includes three job listings.


Suited for businesses with an active workforce. Includes 5 job listings and three hours of private consultation with our expert HR counselors.


Suited for larger businesses looking for a dedicated partner to fill entry-level positions. Includes 10 job listings and 5 hours of private consultation with our counselors as well as complete access to our staffing management team.

Make the Right Hires

Making the wrong entry-level hires costs more than just total compensation. It cost time and money to terminate, rehire, retrain and even then, you still might not get it right. 


College2Jobs vets, coaches and collaborates with new or recent college graduates to ensure that they are ready for the working world. And we go further, developing real relationships with our candidates to ensure that we’re matching the right young professional, with the right career opportunity for the right reasons.

A Valuable HR Partner

College graduates often don’t know how to connect to the opportunities available to them. Small and mid-sized employers are often hard to find. College2Jobs fills that gap, making things easier for both sides of the market.

Only New & Recent Graduates

Entry-level positions are our specialty. It’s a unique time for young adults who don’t fully know what their transferrable skills are or what the full range of potential employers might be. We engage personally with our candidates to develop meaningful relationships.

Expert Personal Screening

Technology, engineering and the sciences often takes special people to evaluate candidates when making a match. The College2Jobs team itself is comprised of career professionals in industries ranging from manufacturing and engineering to pharmaceuticals and aerospace.

Recent College2Jobs Placements

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Automation Engineer

Construction Cost Manager

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Data Security Associate

Environmental Safety Officer

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