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College2Jobs makes it easy to access the perfect job out of college


Tell us about yourself!

Create a free College2Jobs account and share some starter information like your school, your major, desired industry, where you’d like to work, what role you see yourself in. 


We go the extra mile

A College2Jobs advisor will get in touch to set up a short conversation. We do this because we’re devoted to students eager to start their careers. Learning more about your personality, interests, and passions helps us know the real you, beyond what’s on paper. This is how we deliver the right opportunities.


Targeted opportunities

Armed with a rich understanding of your skills, experience, we handpick live opportunities from College2Jobs member companies that align with your objectives. 

We coordinate interviews and prep you so you’re ready to put your best foot forward. 



Feedback and post-placement engagement

We don’t disengage once you’re interviewing. College2Jobs advisors maintain close contact to gather feedback, get status updates and more. 

And once you’ve accepted an offer, we keep in touch to see how things are going!


We work with some of the world’s strongest brands in a broad range of industries

  • Engineering

  • Technology

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Industrial

  • Medical

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Design

  • Infrastructure

  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • Consulting

The entire College2Jobs experience was incredible. It truly is personalized and they really do have your best interests and your career at heart.

Jamaal J., Mechanical Engineer

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